14 Month Baby

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14 Month Baby

At this stage I walk totally on my own and I usually don´t use my hand to get hold of things, crawl or take things to my hands but I do use it to manipulate any object and investigate every corner of my house.

As I feel free to move around anywhere I am more inclined to have accidents, so keep an eye on me.

At this time of my life I should have 8 teeth, 4 on my top gums and 4 on my bottom gums. This is not a must for all babies. If Mum and Dad have not bought me a tooth-brush for me it would be suitable for them to do so. I should always have somebody watching me brush my teeth until my fifth or sixth year of age.If you want to know which would be the best time to visit a dentist, I would say not let it go by to more than two years of age. It is important not to give me sugary things until I´m a little older. This is the best for my teeth as once I have tasted it I don´t want to stop eating them.

One thing I would like to tell you about at this stage of my life is that something very noxious for me is the passive smoking.  I should never be next to a person who smokes and if Mum or Dad smokes the best thing is for he or she to stop smoking; and if they can´t they should never smoke inside the house not even on the balcony. If a baby like me is in a room with somebody smoking for 60 minutes, I will have smoked the equivalent of 10 cigarretes. If a baby like me suffers breathing illnesses like asthma, neumonia, bronquitis, cold, laringitis, they will most probably prolongue or have a worst evolution with the smoking. After the five years of age the noxious effects of tobacco are shown less in the child.



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