13 Month Baby

13 Month Old Baby

13 Month Baby

My temperament and conduct will be more notorious.


We babies are always in movement and more propense to have an accident. Generally these accidents are bangs of little importance with which we cry out loud but I feel better right away when Mum, Dad or Grannie gives me a dose of love with a miracle cure like saying ...¨this is getting better and better¨  and finally seal it with a kiss.





These accidents are the first cause of infants death after the 12 months of life. Aproximately the fourth part is produced between 1 and 4 years, this happening more with boys as they are generally more restless. At least 4 % of children that attend a hospital is due to accidents.

Main accidents:

They may occur according to their seriousness,

1) traffic, either as a passenger or as a walker.

2) drowned or suffocation.

3) burnt, this usually in the kitchen.


4) falls.

5) intoxications or due to medicines or cleaning products.


6) placing fingers in the electricity.



How to forsee these accidents:

You should always keep an eye on your baby|child. Specially when your baby|child is on a balcony, near a swimming-pool, a window or in the kitchen. When you are walking down the street always hold your baby by the hand. In the car never take your baby in the front, always on a car seat for babies. When you are feeding your baby be careful with the dry fruits or round candies.You should also take care with small objects, scissors or knives. You should be careful when I am with animals. Don´t leave medicines, insecticides or cleaning products at my reach.



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