12 Month Baby

12 Month Baby

I am already capable of walking on my two feet but leaning on the furniture.

I am very interested in placing one object into another.

I am capable of opening low drawers and doors.

I express my emotions.

I send kisses.

I am capable of pronouncing some words that are already recognizable.

Even though I understand the things prohibited for me  I frequently disobey them conciously trying to mark my territory.

When I am awarded with some kind of prize due to something that has been given to me i will repeat whatever I was doing.

I am capable of grasping the feelings of my loved ones surrounding me. If there is an argument I become sad.

When you play with me I feel happy.

When my grampa makes a fool of himself by getting on four legs to imitate a horse; or imitate with his voice the sound of a cock or the  language of other animals. Anything that makes you laugh makes me laugh and I will be happy and repeat it.

I recognize my name when I am called.



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