1 Month Baby

1 Month Baby  There are so m

1 Month Old Baby

There are so many things you have to learn during this first year! Fortunately, everything occurs step by step so that you can get on assimilating perfectly the changes.

Above all and even though it is hard work try enjoying each moment of your baby´s first year; because before you realize your newborn baby will turn into a toddler.Most Mums coincide that the first encounter with their newborn baby doesn´t have anything to do with the romantic ideas of love at first sight. It is really a mutual recognition. Your new Mum condition may take your time. Maybe it isn´t as you imagined it; but it is something that shouldn´t worry you for the time being; as you will be living a process of adaption. It will take you somedays to "syncronize the clocks"with your newborn baby. Remember it is a very new experience and as such, a period of learning during your 1 month old baby.

At the beginning your little one does not ditinguish between day and night, sleeps when he/she wants to, eats when he/she wants to and cries when he/she wants to tell something. Maybe you feel that your baby should wake up because you have your breasts full but this doesn´t occur. Or maybe one day your baby may be wide awake and you are longing for him/her goes to sleep so that you rest a while. This is all a process of adaption. As you go along with the learning you will find there will be a routine in your family which will make you feel more secure and calmed down.

The schedule of eating is generally determined by your newborn baby and what your baby should eat if breastfeeding or bottle feeding is something you must go into deeply... see for the best of your child´s growth.

burping, colics, hicoughs, regurgitations; are problems which you will find your baby having in his/her first month of life.It will not only bother but also make him/her cry.Your baby may frequently have hicoughs. You shouldn´t be alarmed.

See about how to use the
diapers and what is the normal changing of them according to their depositions(breastfeeding techniques-10)



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